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Engagement Ring Shapes Cuts

Engagement Ring Shapes

What is the Importance of the Center Stone? 

Your center stone demands attention to detail and typically is set higher than any of the side stones. This allows the ring to highlight the stone while subsequently adding depth to the ring’s design. Regardless of whether you choose a modern, classic, or vintage style of ring. The center stone provides an eye-catching first impression.

Most Popular Center Stones for Engagement Rings

1. Round

round ring shape

It is no wonder that round-cut diamonds are the most popular among brides. Since its shape provides exceptional brilliance and a classic, ageless look, it is no surprise that it is still the number one choice for brides everywhere. The cut and facets of the round brilliant diamond maximize the fire of the diamond. These facets enable the ring to radiate stunning light. The round brilliant diamonds are ideal for brides that love an elegant and classic look.  

2. Princess

princess cut shape

Whether it is a big white wedding or an elopement, what bride doesn’t want to have her fairytale day? The first step in the fairytale is usually the princess. The princess cut diamond is another popular engagement ring style. The princess cut allows for a more geometric and modern look while still offering nearly the same brilliance as the round cut. It is a contemporary and popular cut with angular strong lines that feature elegant square or rectangular sides. 

3. Cushion

cushion cut engagement ring

The cushion cut features a square cut combined with rounded corners and 58 larger facets. These facets allow for stunning brilliance. This cut, which is often also referred to as a pillow cut, offers creativity and personalization. Recently surging back into popularity, cushions also have the luxurious appeal of a fashion classic. This cut has been around since the 18th century and it is because of this, the cushion cut often emotes an old-world flair and vintage vibe. 

4. Emerald

This cut showcases size better than other diamonds of the same carat size. It is popular for modern brides because of its unique Art Deco aesthetic. This is a premium cut for those desiring a larger piece with attention to detail for a bold statement. Many have called the brilliance of this cut a “hall-of-mirrors” effect. This is a premium cut for those desiring a larger piece with attention to detail for a bold statement. 

5. Marquise

The marquise cut, also called the Navette cut, has a distinctive shape that shines brightly and is usually noticed for its uniqueness. The elongated form gives the appearance of a larger stone in comparison to any other shape if on the finger vertically. It has delicate pointed edges that require special care but the curved sides and pointed edge shape present a luminous sparkle. 

6. Oval

This uncommon style of diamond is durable because it carries no pointed edges. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary choice that is gaining popularity. The oval-shaped diamond has the ability to have as many facets as a round brilliant diamond, so it is possible for it to have as much sparkle. Either an oval solitaire or a diamond halo, the oval’s oblong shape can lengthen the finger while attracting eyes. 

7. Radiant

The radiant-cut diamond is formed with many facets and angles. Its beveled corners allow for stability. This cut is perfect for people with an outdoor active lifestyle because the eight corners minimize the chances of chipping. This is perfect for a bride who does not want to stray too far from a classic shape because this ring features a timeless elegance. 

8. Pear

Also referred to as a teardrop cut, the pear-shaped diamond combines the elegance of both the oval and marquise shapes. Gaining in popularity, this shape is the perfect choice for the vintage-inspired bride. Pear-shaped diamonds often appear larger than they are because the majority of the stone shows from the top view. 

9. Heart 

Hearts are for more than just Valentine’s Day gifts. As the iconic symbol of love, the heart shape is perfect for the hopeless romantic. This cut isn’t a traditional staple for engagement rings, but perhaps that’s what makes them so unique. This shape radiates femininity, but it can be a complicated cut. Extremely trendy and uncommon, this shape looks incredible as a solitaire. 

10. Trillion

Wanting a center stone that is alternative and completely unlike any other? The trillion-cut diamond has a triangular shape and can look amazing as a solitaire or accompanied by other stones. The triangular shape is created with either 31 or 50 facets, so they provide quite the sparkle.  

Well, there you have it. 10 popular diamond shapes for engagement rings! We hope you found this guide useful and if you'd like more informationon our wide selection of elegant engagement rings be sure to visit Windsor Fine Jewelers in Augusta, GA or stop by our jewelry store located at 2635 Washington Road Augusta, GA 30904. Call (706) 738-7777 with any special requests or questions.